Mark your calendar

Every month, there is a post on LM_NET that lets us know what events/holidays are coming in the month just ahead. Today I learned that January 2006 is (among other things)...

  • Book Blitz Month (as if we didn't get enough during the Gift Giving Season just past)
  • International Quality of Life Month (good idea!)
  • National Clean Up Your Computer Month (something you already do)
  • National Get Organized Month (taxes are coming due... and it's never too early to start on Spring Cleaning)
  • Diet Resolution Week and New Year's Resolutions Week (1/1-1/7) (talk about reduced expectations!)
  • National Write to Congress Day (1/3) (find the addresses here)
  • Universal Letter-Writing Week (1/8-1/14) (you know I'm participating!)
  • Hunt For Happiness Week (1/15-1/21) (if ya gotta hunt for it...)
  • National Handwriting Day (1/23) (shouldn't this be during "Universal Letter-Writing Week"?)
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (1/30) (aka "drive your favorite cat buggy" day)

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Debra Hamel said...

January 1st-7th is Buy a Friend a Book Week! (http://www.buyafriendabook.com)