I'm IT

Sherri tagged me, so here goes:

Seven things I plan to do before I kick the can:
1. Get out of debt
2. Have a house with a custom built library in it
3. Plant a lilac tree
4. Scale Mt. Bookpile and survive
5. Lose weight and keep it off
6. Go to a Formula 1 Grand Prix
7. Stop multitasking

Seven things I can do:
1. Type 100wpm
2. Read pretty fast
3. Snuggle with my cats
4. Organize almost anything
5. Edit
6. Care about others
7. Sleep

Seven things I can't do:
1. Run
2. Drive backwards for longer than 20 feet
3. Stay warm
4. Give myself a decent manicure
5. Sing on key
6. Get darker than "parchment"
7. Curl my hair so that it stays

Seven things that attract me to another person:
1. Intelligence
2. Multiple interests
3. Sense of humor
4. Ability to teach without being condescending
5. Love of books/reading
6. Love of cats (particularly mine)
7. Light eyes (grey, green, blue)

Seven things I say most often:
1. Wuvs oooo
2. How's my pumpkin head?
3. Thingy
4. Yeah, right
5. F*ck (and variations on that theme)
6. I just read....
7. Um

Time for Bri, Coco, Aravis and Karmon to chime in...


Sherri said...

I couldn't make myself type the things I say to my cats -- yer a braver woman than I am, Gunga Din! (apologies to Kipling)

Lazygal said...

What makes you think I say these things to The Boys? I *do* work in a school, you know... ; )

Sherri said...

"How's my pumpkin head?" has kitty talk all over it, woman. :D

For me it's "Pooty Pooty Potatoe Head." Don't ask why, it just comes out that way. The cat in question could give a rat's ass, as long as he gets pet when he wants it. I love my cats :>

Sherri said...

Feh, I've been infected with "e". Take it out of potato, please.

stj said...

getting a bit nervous about all the cat talk. think a few things were missed like getting overly involved with tv characters, constantly getting trainees...you get the idea.
otherwise I think the list(s) are fine.....

Lazygal said...

Hey, stj, I wasn't the one that invented "The Reuben". So watch it with the "overly involved with TV characters" comment.

And there wasn't a "Seven things that always seem to happen to me" category for the trainees.

stj said...

whoa...slow down and leave reuben alone. as for the trainees I put that in the Seven things I can do
category....you just attract them