History repeating itself

So people are now up in arms over Pres. Bush admitting he authorized spying on American citizens without approval under FISA.

I'm as upset as the next person, but I'm not all "oh.my.god it's the end of the world" about it, either. War (or the threat of war) causes governments to do ugly things. Bush is not the worst case of presidential overreaching.

We survived all that. We will survive this. And be a stronger country for having done so.

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stj said...

if you watched c-span and listened to the calls that came in after the speech every call that came in
that was anti-bush sounded hysterical and vehement, calling him everything from a liar to a coward and, it seems, that he has a master plan to turn this country into a dictatorship.
as one who follows politics with more than a casual eye have had enough of both right and left who KNOW they're right and the rest of us are just morons who don't see the end of our democracy.
I have always had the hope that the vindictivness of both sides would cool but, NO, they have to fan the flames as neither have the answer just a lot of grenades to throw and more than enough people who don't have the common sense to see a third way to being their mindless minions.