Do you feel this way, too?

Oached Pish writes about Revisiting Childhood Faves and I know exactly what he's saying. I, too, reread (or try to - Mt. Bookpile keeps getting in the way) and find that "rereading childhood favorites is a peculiarly polysemous experience, perhaps more even than my compulsive reread of favorite classics chosen during adulthood."

One of my dreams is to reduce Mt. Bookpile to a mere hill, and to have the time to reread a number of the books that helped shape my worldview and sense of who I am and who others are. Not just books like "Good Night, Moon" or "Anne of Green Gables", but "Victoria" and the Enid Blyton school books and "Hugo and Josephine" and countless others. When I do have time to reread, I recognize the child I once was through the prism of the adult I've become, and the view can be both glorious and bittersweet. To finish with another quote from the post: But when it works--rediscovering the sheer passion of childhood experience--it's another form of mainlining lightning.

I have to admit, I'm hooked.

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Sherri said...

I'm right there with you. Two fairly large bookcases in my home office are dedicated to children's books, mostly books I loved as a kid and either have kept since then or have hunted down as an adult. There are a few, too, that I discovered as an adult.

Every once in a while I escape into "The Lion's Paw" or "The Secret Garden" or "Little Women" or one of the many others in my collection. They never grow old for me, although I can now look at them, if I chose, from my new place in life. That just makes them all the more wonderful, like getting two books in one.