Betwixt and Between

I posted that I was feeling all "yippee" inside because I had a snow day Friday. It's the little girl in me coming out, I know, and sometimes that's a really good thing.

Yesterday, however, I had to switch from Little Girl to Responsible Adult: my car (the very first I've owned and cared for) needed its first oil change. I wanted someone to come with me for this, because it seems like a big step and cars and all are rather intimidating. Intellectually, I know they're not, but when you start out thinking that you'd have one by 18, and then spend 21 years in NYC and not needed one, and only get one in your 40s, it is a bit intimidating. I feel sort-of behind the curve on this, you know?

Anyway, the oil's been changed, the tires have been rotated, and all's right with my car. Now I can go back to being a little girl. At least until Monday morning.

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