You only have 30 seconds

Steven Cohen is talking about the "elevator pitch" - that 30 second moment you have to describe yourself, your idea, etc.. That got me thinking: what could I say about myself, my idea, my work in only 30 seconds? How can I make that 30 seconds pitch so exciting or meaningful or intriguing that I get a longer opportunity?

It's easy to come up with the boring, the obvious, isn't it? "I'm a school librarian at a K-12 independent school" But what makes that worth listening to? It's not so easy to come up with that part.

I'm working on my pitch. What's yours?

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Anonymous said...

Two that I've actually used:
1. Hi, I'm the Middle School's guide dog for the informationally challenged! It's so easy to get lost in all the different info-tech formats these days that EVERYONE needs a professional guide to help them find their way through the info-glut out there. I'm definitely not the school librarian you remember from your own childhood: with information the coin of the realm these days, I'm your cost-conscious, value-added Knowledge Broker.

2. Hi -- read any good websites lately? How do you know you can trust them?
and FWIW: that is *exactly* what I said to a new Supt. when he was introduced to me for the 5th time that year! His response: 'what do you mean, can I trust them?' gave me the opportunity (and his undivided attention) to pitch a Web-search strategies and cyber-ethics course for every 7th grade student.