What are your mental snugglers?

There's nothing better than cuddling under the covers with a good book -- or watching a favorite movie/tv show. The mental break, the momentary "ahh... life is good" feeling is so necessary in today's frenetic world.

Alice and friends are listing some of theirs. What are yours?

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chorus girl said...

As I don't know Alice, I'll post mine here. I "snuggle" with...

these authors:
-- Giovanni Guareschi
-- "Miss Read"
-- P.G. Wodehouse
-- James Herriot

these films (on DVD):
-- the "Thin Man" series
-- old Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes flicks
-- anything with Cary Grant
-- Popeye cartoons

these TV shows (also on DVD):
-- "Monk"
-- "House"