Not liking the implications

Yesterday went relatively well, from a cooking-and-eating perspective (ok, so the cranberry sauce didn't get opened due to lack of can opener - sue me). But from a television perspective? Bust.

You see, I've never bought a tv before. Somehow, in some weird way, people have always given me a set. So even though I've had three sets of my own (all at the same time, I might add), I've never thought of myself as a tv-owning kind of gal. Right now I have an 13" in storage, and a 19" here in the cottage. The 13" was a gift from my parents, and the 19" was a "reward" for helping my aunt empty out my great-aunt's apartment. This was in 1991, and who knows how much earlier the set had been purchased.

Then, yesterday, it became clear that my ol' reliable 19" was pretty much toast. At first I hoped I could help it limp along, but, well, there's nothing that can be done. Which then leads to the "what do I do about this?" question.

My sensible side says, "use the 13" in storage - you don't watch that much TV, and for a while you can live with the DVDs being on an even smaller screen." My impractical side says, "buy a new one today, because there are sales and you know you're probably going to want a bigger tv anyway."

I don't like what that side says about me: that I might be the kind of person to whom a bigger tv is important, the kind of person that runs out to replace something when there's a perfectly good substitute available. When I drove by storage just a few moments ago, the gate was locked and I thought "good!" and then felt ashamed of that thought. We'll see which side wins out tonight, when I have to go to the mall anyway (it's where the Tappan Zee Express bus is, not because it's where Best Buy and Circuit City and all the other stores are).


Sherri said...

No no no, those aren't the real implications. I don't see the 13" as a "substitute", but as "make do". A "make do" is something you really don't like, don't feel good about, and aren't going to enjoy, but you use it anyway to avoid having OTHER people think you are something you think is negative A Make-do is buying the $20 not-so-great shoes instead of the $150 absolutely perfect shoes because you don't want people to think you are 1) a cloths horse 2) wasting money on yourself (because spending money on yourself, even if its your money and you like the shoes, means all kinds of bad things about you) 3) lacking anything better to do with your life.

A Make due is not a substitute. A substitute is something almost but not quite identical that does most of what you want without making you unhappy, like using cracker crumbs instead of breadcrumbs, or an eggbeater stuff instead of eggs). And a substitute is understood to be temporary until you get the thing that will actually satisfy the need.

Just remember, there's nothing particularly bad about enjoying television, or actually wanting to see what's on the screen (13"inches -- I'd have to sit 2 feet away to see anything on it). It's just not shameful. Go buy the TV.

Sara Kelly Johns said...

Buy a new one--you deserve whatever TV shows catch your fancy, DVD's of movies you missed, and the technology has advanced sooooooo far that you'll have fun catching up with your geek side coming to the fore. You have a guilt thing about being self-indulgent, eh? Get over it, you're worth some gadgets in life, will use it no more than before once the newness wears off and you've figured out all the features. Consider it an educational experience...my take...Sara

PS--being a person who doesn't even realize she doesn't own a can opener says more about you than wanting a TV!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Sara, in what sense do you mean "PS--being a person who doesn't even realize she doesn't own a can opener says more about you than wanting a TV!"????