Making Lemonade

I don't often play Pollyanna's Glad Game, but there are times...

Like this morning, when I was really, really trying to sleep in (the cats have gotten to a point where I can do this). So, it's 8am and I'm snuggled into the covers and - WHAM! - my crazy landlord's leaf blower starts up. Not just in his yard, but in his yard right under my bedroom window. Because, obviously, everyone should be up at 8am on a Saturday. He proceeded to leaf-blow and mow and trim in and around my cottage and backyard and his yard for the next two hours.

So, the Glad Game? "I'm glad that I don't have to take care of my own yard!"

(and that I'm used to waking up early, anyway)

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Aravis said...

I admire your ability to see the bright side of this situation. I admit it would have left me quite snarly. But then, I'm not a morning person. Bravo! :0)