Exactly how I feel...

The recent issue of Cites and Insights has an article/thinkpiece about life trumping blogging. In it, Walt cites this post at NexGen Librarian.

Of the six "what I learneds" in the post, three really resonate (the others made me think, but not quite as deeply):
1. Don't try and do more than you can do.

3. The 4o hour workweek is a farce.

5. F@#! living at the speed of today's technology.
Why these specifically? Because I've tried doing all of them. I spent a few years working two full-time jobs (only one of which paid) in addition to being a newsletter editor and sitting on several professional committees AND serving as the co-Chair of the school's self-evaluation committee. I often bring work home (including my work-issued laptop) and sit there, in my jammies in my living room, with a cup of cocoa or a bottle of wine, and finish what didn't get done during the day. And I have a 90+ feed Bloglines account and 6 e-mail accounts to monitor.

Since moving, though, I've made a conscious effort not to get over-involved, over-scheduled. It means less tv (and isn't that a good thing?), and being in bed, with a book, by 9pm at the latest, ready to read myself to sleep. It means taking a step back and not diving into the latest, the newest. And it means seriously thinking about what I'm doing and with whom: do I really want to spend this time on this activity? Often, the answer is "well.... you should...." but the desire isn't there. I'm giving myself permission to not do.

I suggest all of us do the same. I suspect we'll all be happier.

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Aravis said...

I think that's a hard but necessary lesson to learn. It's important to make time for oneself, and to learn to say no sometimes in order to maintain it.