47 miles; 75 minutes

Today I picked Lulu up from Daddy's (he's off to St. Martin for a week). She gets two weeks in lovely close-to-NYC Rockland County, time with Mommy and The Boys (sorry, don't have digital pix so no catblogging).

Was she excited? No. She yowled the entire 47 mile, 75 minute drive. Now she's hidden under the couch.

The Boys know she's here, but they're being nice and leaving her alone... for now. We'll see how long that lasts.

In the meantime, blogging may be delayed due to excessive fuzz on the keyboard (Lulu sheds enough for any ten cats).


Aravis said...

Poor Lulu! How nice of the boys to let her get acclimated. Best of luck to you all. *G*

Lazygal said...

I blogged too soon: there's been hissing and growling and snarling (I think they were too stunned at first). Bogie just wants his friend back, but Mallory is being obnoxious, much like when we all lived together. So now she's in the bedroom and they're in the main room and we'll see how that goes.

Early hours yet, right?

Murphy Jacobs said...

Oh yeah. My six (yoicks!) have lived together most of their lives (only the eldest ever had any "only kitty" time) and there is still plenty of hissing and fussing when they change ROOMS. Even Ben, the super-cat-socializer, has his moments of pissyness before he calms down and wants to do the mutual bath thing.

Good luck! I suggest loads of catnip. Stoned kitties are happy kitties ;>