Terrifying Words

Even though Colby Cosh is mostly talking about Serenity and the Cult of Joss Whedon, he hits me where I live when he says
Have you ever been interested in a member of the opposite sex (assuming the opposite one is to your taste) and had her recommend a book to you? "You simply have to read The Man With The Technicolor Trousers. Here, I'll lend you my copy." I believe I can expect near-universal agreement that there is nothing more terrifying. If you like the book, it's all very well--though you had better like it an awful lot. If you don't like the book, you must either tell the truth, and implicitly insult the recommender, or you must brazen it out, thus instantly despising yourself and/or her. On the whole, psoriasis is distinctly less unpleasant.
Because I'm a reader, people assume that I simply must agree with their likes/dislikes in terms of reading. That's not true. While Notes from Mt. Bookpile may suggest that I'm relatively indiscriminate in my reading, the truth is that I am: not everything I read is a "good read", and not everything I read is for pleasure (Harry Potter VI springs to mind, as does the upcoming Primal Teen).

So please, spare your friends and relatives the "you must read/watch/eat ____". You may think you know the person really, really well, but there's always that one bad book/movie/tv series that will spoil the entire relationship. I know whereof I speak.

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