I'm here in Pittsburgh for the AASL Conference and have been seeing friends from around the country. A friend invited me back to her room to rest between the exhibits and my evening event and mentioned that there was something in her room she wanted me to see.

Underneath the sprinkler head is a little international symbol for "no" and inside it is a hanger. But the sprinkler head is a good 11-12' off the ground - even Shaq might have a problem using it as a hanger rod!


Anonymous said...

OH WOW! That exact same symbol was in our hotel room at the Paris Las Vegas! How funny.

Lazygal said...

What got us was the height of the ceiling and the sprinkler, not the symbol (I have one here in my room, which has 8' ceilings). But, yeah, it's funny what they have to warn against these days.

Anonymous said...

The symbol is requred by law -- look around any room with those sprinklers, and you'll see the symbol pasted under each one.

I just wonder if they installed the sprinkler, and then had to climb back up (and up and up) to put the stupid sticker on the wall!