Hanging head

Yesterday, which I had off, was supposed to be this great day for Getting Things Done. Not the "official" GTD stuff, but chores. I did tidy and organize my papers, and I finished a rather disappointing new book (promptly started on a much, much better one). But cleaning? Scrubbing? Packing? Nope. Nada. Rien. Niente.

So here I am, blogging and drinking a Hornsby's Draft Cider and thinking about how behind I am in my chores. And vowing to finish them asap. And trying not to think that I'm coming down with a bit of a cold so I can avoid them even longer.

Of course, I need to be out of the house by 7:30am tomorrow to head for the airport, so there is a bit of a time constraint. Don't forget to check the Official AASL Conference Blog... and DO NOT forget to Buy A Friend A Book some time this week.

See you in Pittsburgh!

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