Does anyone remember what FICTION is?

TPMCafe, a site for political discussions, is treating last night's "West Wing" episode as though it's real. Not a tv show, real life.

Look, it's great that what happened can spark a discussion (about Intelligent Design v. Evolution), but really. This is a tv show. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the characters do or say: they're fictional. Giving it this kind of attention, this kind of import is just, well... silly? futile? diverting attention from the real issues? Take your pick.

Me? I'm going to enjoy the show as a work of fiction and stop thinking of TPMCafe as a source for anything. Because clearly they can't tell the difference between story and real life.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Does this mean that yelling at Geena Davis to "go ask Leo for advice" won't really accomplish anything?

Lazygal said...

That would be a "no". But if you get it to work, there are a few characters I'd like to talk to... nothing serious, just some sensible advice about clothing, dating, etc.