Links Galore

  • 42 down, 47 more to go. How long do you have to live? (þ: Lifehacker)
  • Admit it: you like Palindromes.
  • Very timely: a fuel cost calculator - "Using current gasoline prices from AAA's daily, online Fuel Gauge Report, as well as the latest highway fuel economy ratings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator estimates the amount and cost of gasoline needed to complete a vacation trip." (þ: Neat New)
  • Are you a film snob? Tired of the same-old/same-old at the multiplex? Not Coming to a Theatre Near You may be just the thing you need to get your Netflix queue all set for a long winter. (þ: Scout Report)
  • You've heard about them, but don't know where to find them. Now there's the The Easter Egg Archive, unlocking the "hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put in their software" (including movies and music!). Happy Hunting!
  • Tired of being stuck in phonetree hell? Use this handy "get a real human" guide and get on with your life. (þ: Lifehacker)
  • Better than TinyURL: LookLeap! is the next generation of URL shortening tools (þ: Librarian in Black)
  • Too busy to read but want to appear well-read? Check out To Cut a Long Story Short, 100-word adaptations of good books. (þ: Maud)

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