Well, the liberal blogosphere is indulging in schadenfreude over Tom DeLay's indictment. And yes, I do feel a small twinge of superiority ("I'd never be that stupid if I were in that powerful a position") but mostly I just feel mad.

Mad that the political climate has degenerated to this game of "Gotcha" that we play. First there was Watergate and IranContra, truly horrible abuses of position and power. But now it's all about retribution by the side that's been most recently caught against the side that "won" the most recent moral battle. It's no wonder that fewer people vote today than in the past: WHY BOTHER? The whole political arena is so ugly, so littered with the carcasses of good, well-intentioned people, and the only ones left standing are those that fight the dirtiest.

Since I started voting, there's not one election where I haven't voted AGAINST someone. Just once before I die I'd like to vote FOR a person, FOR a party, FOR a policy. Sometimes, I think Jefferson's idea of intermittant revolution is a really, really good one. This is one of those times. Let's throw all the bastards out and start over. Who's with me?

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