How much is it worth?

It's Fall Season in movieland and I've been doing my research. After "consulting" several of those omnipresent preview lists, I've whittled down the offerings to one list of what I'd like to see. The problem is (for Hollywood), I won't see many of these in the cinemaplex. See, I refuse to pay $9+ for the product. It doesn't matter to me how many stars... or thumbs... or green tomatoes... or whatever the reviews give the movie: it's a question of economics. Is it worth my time (on line, in addition to sitting in that seat) and hard-earned money to see that particular movie? Increasingly, the answer is, "this looks like a WAR movie" (รพ: Mark).

What makes the list this year?
  • Corpse Bride
  • Nine Lives
  • Cote d'Azure
  • Zorro
  • Second Stage
  • Lies
  • Harry Potter 4
  • Ice Harvest
  • Match Point
  • White Countess
  • Thumbsucker
  • Separate Lies
  • Where the Truth Lies
  • Innocence
  • Derailed
  • Breakfast on Pluto
  • Rent
  • Transmerica
  • Hidden
We'll see how many get the full payout as the season progresses. For the rest, there's always Netflix or cable.

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Sherri said...

I, like you, have no love for the metrogoogleplex, but it is only partially for the money they require to enter their doors. I just don't appreciate the whole "sharing" experience. Ye Olde Average Movie Goer is annoying, on the cell, spilling a drink, carrying a crying baby, propping their feet on the back of my seat, and generally working me up to a dangerous state.

Of your list, "corpse bride" and "harry potter 4" will likely tempt me to brave that experience. The rest can wait. I'll live.