Guess I'm just a heartless B****

I just can't find it in myself to help this guy. Maybe one of you can?
Hello There,

My name is Paul Wrights, I am a Fashion designer based in the UK. I have clients that patronize my works in different parts of Europe, and USA.

Regarding the Hurricane Katrina incidence which occurred between August 25th and 29th, I want to make a 25% donation for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina incidence in New Orleans on all my payments that comes in from my American clients.

Presently, I have American clients that are offering to pay me with Postal Money Order. So as a result, I need you to help as a channel of sending my relief donations to the victims on my behalf. Doing this, you get 5% and then you resend the balance via Western Union or Moneygram back to me in the UK. All transfer fees should be deducted from the balance to be sent to the UK.

Please endeavor to send your replies to my private email address:

Paul Wrights
Feel perfectly free to be as skeptical and heartless as I am!


Aravis said...

Sounds like another version of the email scam where the guy from Africa needs your help cashing a check. This is just a new low for these con artists.

Lazygal said...

You think?