Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

Terry writes:
This correspondence was inspired by my new friend, who wrote to me a few weeks ago as follows:

Isn't it nice to open letters, too? In a funny way, I think all the email/blogging returns an almost romantic, Victorian specialness to pen & paper correspondence.

Until I answered her note, it had been years since I'd last sent anyone a handwritten letter longer than the compass of a notecard. Part of what inspired me to do so was her handwriting, which is neat, fresh, and a delight to behold. It took the place of the imagined sound of her voice: I felt as if she were sitting across a table, telling me about herself, and I felt irresistibly inspired to reciprocate.
This got me thinking. I have a good friend, one I've never actually met "in the flesh", who lives in Germany. We write on good stationery, using fountain pens. It's such a treat to go to my mailbox and get her letters and notes.

While I've tried to write to other friends, their reponse is inevitably by e-mail. So... I've decided to ignore the e-mail, to treat is as a letter and respond via snail mail. Obviously this won't work for everything - there are some things that aren't worthy of the pen, ink and stamp - but maybe I'll start a revolution/devolution back to the golden age of writing letters and having a mailbox filled with something more than junk mail and bills.

You have been warned!


Aravis said...

This is a wonderful idea, and I've just emailed you. :0)

Judland said...

I was re-awoken to the intimacy of writing letters once again, too.

For Valentine's day my wife bought me a fountain pen as a gift. Since then, writing using a fountain pen is an every day thing for me. Also, my collection of fountain pens has grown steadily.

I still use e-mail, but all of my notes taken at the office are with paper, pen and ink. I leave the PDA at home now.

Writing is a very personal thing... personal things are getting forgotten about in our modern society. So this is a wonderful way to silently rebel.

In fact, I've grown so attached to fountain pens that I've started selling them myself. I'm hoping to inspire others to drop their keyboards and pick up their pens.

Thanks for making this blog entry. I enjoyed reading it.

Lazygal said...

Judland, I checked out your site. It's nice, but I just can't get into buying pens on-line: there's so much that goes missing (like how it feels in your hand). Good luck, though.

To all others: I've finished about 10 letters and am starting on more. Some shorter than others, but all with that "personal touch" so get your pens and paper ready to respond!