I'm a little in shock this morning: Terry Teachout has labelled me a "preferred blogger". Coming from him, that's high praise indeed. And a little dismayed because this is in the middle of inventory, when my blogging ability is limited (8307 items done, 31686 to go).

Still, welcome to all the About Last Night readers. Any friend of Terry's is a friend of mine. I've even updated the sidebar just for you. Enjoy!


Sherri said...

Congratulations! In the bloggy world, "any lovin' is good lovin'".

Of course, since I link to you as well, I can't help but applaud his excellent taste :>

Aravis said...

Congratulations, LG!

Aravis said...

I just noticed that you watch The Closer. I love that show! She handles her staff well I think, given the circumstances. Poor Fritz though. I wouldn't want to date her! *G*