unFriendly thoughts

I spent my time at Meeting today trying to get the "bad" thoughts out of my head, but didn't succeed. In fact, more crowded in. What were those thoughts?

1. What do you do when someone you like says something (on a blog, in an e-mail, in conversation, where ever) that you find offensive. Not in a FCC-wouldn't approve sense, but in the "I can't believe you actually would say that and think I'd be ok with it" sense. Responding to something like that is difficult - how do you do it in such a way that the other doesn't feel defensive or that it doesn't become the thin edge of a rift?

2. What do you do when you find that someone you've admired or respected really wasn't what they were cracked up to be? You know, one of those Wizard of Oz moments, when the Great and Powerful Oz is revealed to be the timid charlatan behind the curtain. In this instance, though, there's no Glinda to show you how to get home - you have to do it yourself.

That's what I went in with. As I tried to empty my mind and let the Inner Light help, I heard snoring from at least four different people. When the a/c was on, it was too cold, and it took some time (and a great many clicks of the remote control) to turn it off. The only message during the actual Meeting was really an announcement. And several of the Afterthoughts seemed to be just rambling without purpose.

So here I am, sitting at home, feeling unsettled and unquiet. Not the way I'd wanted to spend my Sunday.

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