September Arrives

No matter how old you get, if you work in a school or are on an academic calendar, you still get those going-back-to-school butterflies. And you still have that going-back-to-school checklist. Here's how I'm doing:

√ haircut/trim
√ annual checkup
√ get new shoes
√ choose first day outfit
√ get new binders, notebooks and pens
√ read the September preview magazines*

Since MNPOW provides hot lunch, I don't need a lunchbox.

And for those of you who noticed that there were a couple of items left undone in June, you'll be happy to know I have a vet, a cat sitter, a dentist and I've registered to vote. Even found a butcher and a baker (candlestick makers seem few and far between these days).

Now, all I can do is worry that I won't be invited to sit at the cool kids table.

* when I was younger, that would be Glamour and Mademoiselle and Seventeen for their clothes and make-up tips; now it's Entertainment Weekly and Premier for their movie previews.

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