Peter Jennings died last night. Whether or not you watch the nightly news on tv doesn't matter. For years he was the reporter I trusted most in times of national (and international) crisis.

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it's the end of an era for sure. it used to be that anchors were reporters first, paid their dues, and then got the big chair. now the only dues that are paid are to the union and if you fit whatever criteria the networks get from polls you get the big chair. the networks can complain about the web and cable stealing their audience but i believe if you put of a good product people will still watch you. these 24 hour news stations just repeat what you heard 15 minutes ago for the most part or we have dr sanjee or insipid bio's on movie/tv stars.
the only time people really watch the news is when there's something major going on.
as for local news, which i rarely watch, just once i'd like to see a reporter get their butt kicked when they ask the interviewee how do they feel about losing their (fill in the blank) to random violence, or an accident.