Newer isn't better

I switched my bank about a year ago because my old bank (very small, few branches) was making life difficult. My new bank was gobbled up by a larger bank and this past month there was a shift from the first on-line banking set-up to the "new and improved" set-up standard at the larger bank.

It just doesn't work for me. Here's an example. Last night I went to get gas - used the debit card. Paid to get my car back from the shop - used the debit card. Logged in to see the damage, and both transactions were listed as "pending". This morning - not 12 hours later - I logged in again because I had some bills I'd set up to pay. Nada. Nothing from yesterday, and today's payments haven't been posted. With the old system, it all posted the day I did the transaction and I had a much better sense of what my balance was.

Note to larger bank: your system stinks. Newer, larger, improved is not always the case. Sometimes (as readers of this blog know) older, time-tested is waaaaaaay better.

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