May I just add

The Little Professor lists Signs that the books have taken over:

* Your parents send you an article from the L. A. Times that describes the lengths to which people will go to house their personal libraries--converting a garage, for example. It's not clear if this article is meant to be prophetic or admonitory.
* You remember that one of your father's professors kept books in his oven (until, that is, a graduate student turned it on). After all, you don't use your own oven for much of anything, so...
* Your mother recommends building library stacks.
* The books have pride of place in your voice mail message.
* When visiting someone's house, you automatically calculate how much wall space could be used for bookcases.
* You take the local bookstores into consideration when deciding whether or not to propose a paper for a conference.
* Visitors inquire if books have the same mating habits as rabbits.
* The furniture store deliveryman remembers you. And your bookcases.
* A trip to Chicago is incomplete without expeditions to Powell's, O'Gara's, and the Seminary Co-Op. Who needs to go clothes shopping on the Miracle Mile?
* Will work for books.

I'd like to add: you never pack for a trip without bringing a suitcase for the new books you'll pick up.

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