If you haven't heard by now, there's a hurricane named Katrina bearing down on New Orleans. This isn't just any old hurricane, it's HUGE. Large enough that people in Cincinnatti should be worried (at least, Headline News thinks they should). About Last Night and Maud Newton have some great links to information about the storm, and NOAA's official warning is here. And then there's this, from Colby Cosh:
I'm up late watching streaming video from WWL, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina is about five hours from landfall; a meteorologist reporting from the Superdome--now full of twenty or thirty thousand people who had no way to escape--is explaining very carefully and literally that residents who ignored the evacuation order and remained in city homes are as good as dead. At last report, most of New Orleans still had power: some of those people are probably watching the same broadcast.
I have a friend who lives in NO. His house is about 175 years old and stuffed with all sorts of treasures. So, has he evacuated? No. Despite the first-ever mandatory evacuation, he's hanging tough on the 11th floor of a "hurricane safe" hotel.

Don't know about you, but if a storm's this big... this distructive... this scary, I wouldn't stay in some untested hotel. I'd be hitting the road outta town.

Stay safe, Terry. And all others that live nearby.

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Sherri said...

I don't always grasp the whole "ride it out" mentality. I suspect it is a little "man against nature" and a little "you're not the boss of me!"

Despite living in Florida, I don't usually evacuate during storms because 1) I'm about 100+miles from the Atlantic AND the Gulf 2)My home is block and on high ground 3) Any damage we get will likely be from tornadoes, which can hit during a regular thunderstorm and can't be run from very well anyway. If my area expected a direct hit, chances are we might consider leaving. I'd be torn because we have several pets and most hotels and shelters don't accept pets.

If I lived on a coast, (I'd be nuts -- not gonna live on a beach!) I'd evacuate. I certainly would NOT move to a hotel in the same area as my home that was going to get hit, too! No building is "hurricane proof".

Good luck to your friend, though. He may lose his home and his treasures. Here's hoping he keeps his life.