Because I'm a worry-wart, when the power went out this morning at 2:30am (a kid drove his car into the pole supporting the electrics), I started thinking about spoilage. Despite being told that it could take a while for things to get bad as long as I didn't open the fridge door, I thought that it might be wise to get some ice.

So, off I trundled to the supermarket. I've shopped there before and noticed that the carts were always in those canopy things in the parking lot. Until now, I thought that was for our convenience.

Today I noticed a sign on the doors into the supermarket: "Because of the hazardous conditions they create, all shopping carts have been moved to the parking lot and are not kept inside the store".

Hazardous conditions? Could someone please explain that? Especially since it only seems to apply to this one supermarket. Perhaps they bought a "bad" brand of cart? The carts have been known to rampage unexpectedly?

(ps. the power is now on - no spoilage noticed)


bri said...

That is too funny. Cart rampage. Hee hee.

Lazygal said...

Can't you see it? Harder to herd than cats, because of that one wonky wheel on each of them...

Aravis said...

I'll have to ask my husband, though the carts are kept both in and out at his store. This should give him a laugh. *G*