I'll bite

Aravis passed this book meme on to "anyone who cares to have a go", so...

Number of books on shelf?
On my shelves now? About 800 (split between the Children's/YA collection and Mt. Bookpile).

In storage? 2028. I think.

Last book purchased?
The Secret Man (Woodward with Bernstein)

Book I'm reading now?
Da Vinci Decoded (Martin Lunn)

Last five books read?
1. The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling
3. The Last Days of Dogtown, Anita Diamant
4. The Secret Man, Bob Woodward
5. 100 People who are Screwing Up America, Bernard Goldberg

Passing the torch to?
Sherri, Bri, Coco and Kar


Sherri said...

I did the meme like a good little lemming, but it's posted on my book site.

I hate that "last book you bought" question because I always buy books in flocks...herds? Gaggles?

Karmon said...

I've posted mine on my site, but it won't appear until I return from vacation.

Anonymous said...

Try "Cracking Da Vinci's Code, Garlow & Jones, 2004, Victor Colorado Springsm ISBN 0-78144-165-x

CoCo said...

LOL - I posted this meme on my website last week and not until afterwards saw where you had tagged me...I tagged you btw :-) GMTA!!!

Take care....