Good Stuff

People tell me that it takes four to six months before massive change starts to feel really normal - before you're comfortable in your new life. So here I am, only two months away from The Big City and feeling still very hesitant about things. Fine, I know it's a matter of time.

But then things happen that outweigh the incredible helplessness you feel when you don't know where the grocery store or the shoe repair guy is. Things that help that "ok" feeling grow. In my case it's been:
  • watching a family of blue jays and cardinals flit across my backyard every morning
  • meeting two people at MNPOW that love books as much as I
  • finding a few good shops where they were least expected
  • getting to watch my backlog of movies thanks to Alice and Netflix
  • having a quiet Sunday (football free, no less!)
  • tackling Mt. Bookpile
Stay tuned. There'll be more Good Stuff coming up. I just know it.


Aravis said...

It sounds wonderful! There's one tree in my yard that the birds especially love- probably because of the birdfeeder!- and I'll slip outside sometimes to quietly watch them. They always make me smile.

Lazygal said...

I'd do that but my landlord has a bunch of feeders (and some screech owl boxes) in his yard (aka my side yard). Plus, I don't want to over stimulate The Boys. I'm not sure the screens could handle a full-on feline assault!