The quality of Silence

Yesterday I attended my first Meeting in the new area. I've previously attended in three very old buildings - 15th Street (Manhattan), Brooklyn, and Hampstead (London). This was in a much more modern building, and the Meeting itself is "young" (40 years, vs. 200+). Yet the sense of connection to the Light, the ease I found in being able to be with these F/friendly people was the same as at the other Meetings.

There was only one message, but what stayed with me was the Afterthought. The gentleman who spoke had tried to turn off the a/c unit, which was blowing quite hard during Meeting. He apologised not just for the coolness of the room, but for the "white noise" of the machine, which left the sounds of nature outside the room and outside our experience of Meeting. As I lay in bed last night, listening to the night noises, I agreed that the silence inside the "white noise" was not preferable to the "real noise" of the outside world, even during Silent Meeting.


Aravis said...

I went to a Meeting held in a farm field once and it was such an incredibly peaceful experience. I was a teenager at the time and I remember thinking that if all church services were like this Meeting, I would be more inclined to go. :0)

Lazygal said...

Aravis, try another one. I know there are some where you live... Who knows, you may decide to attend on a regular basis!

bri said...

Yes, I far prefer Brooklyn traffic to white noise for Meeting.

However, the lack of AC in my home these two weeks has meant a roaring box fan that creates a pretty good white noise, semi-shielding me from having to speak to my in-laws. So it can be good for some things.

Farah said...

Hey Ffriend!

I'm a member of Hampstead Monthly Meeting in the UK. My Meeting is in Friends House, Euston (opposite the station).