Get out of my head

Over at SwissToni's, Aravis guested for a post about earworms as part of an on-going series.

While I don't recognize many of the songs listed by the guest bloggers, the ones I do cause great problems. For those that don't know, an earworm is a song (or phrase or riff) that gets stuck in your "inner ear" and just stays there. The problem, for me, with even reading a list like the ones being posted is that I start to "hear" the song, even though there's no radio, CD or - gasp! - LP playing. Most of the songs listed I don't have, not even the ones I know. So I'm stuck.



Aravis said...

Sorry Rose! Out of curiosity, which of my listed songs got you? BTW, that's what I was talking about in my opening paragraph: reading something which then triggers an earworm. *G*

Lazygal said...

"Sweet Dreams" mostly - luckily, I had a drive ahead of me and was able to play other stuff to get it out of my mind. Of course, now I have those songs running around...