Bad day, Bad book

I had a bad day yesterday... topped off by the fact that someone (in an SUV I can only assume) scratched my Brand New Car. So I comforted myself with a good crying jag and some frozen mini-eclairs.

Then I started to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. What an awful book. Oh wow - more Quiddich. Hey! Snape's a bad guy! Whoda thunk? Will Hermione and Ron get together? What are the odds? Harry experiences more loss. Sob. Rowling is one of the least subtle writers and her imagination stopped in Book 2. Unlike most series books where the writer loses it, I can't just not read - sort of in the contract to read these things if you work with young kids. But really! Oh, I wish I didn't have to. One more and then we're done. If you want to catch up on the fuss but don't want to read 650+ pages: BookSpoiler is the place to go.

Off to cleanse my soul with something better, What, I don't know, but there's still a pile of books from ALA Chicago waiting to be read. Like one about the 1906 earthquake and one about the last Tsar... Or I'll watch a movie. Or something. Just not Harry Potter!

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