Who's Next?

This week, NYCB loses Peter Boal to PNB and Jock Soto to retirement. This weekend, NYCB's School of American Ballet celebrates the Advanced classes by putting on their annual "Workshop".

As I watched the dancers, I wondered which of the young men I was seeing would be the next "Peter Boal" or "Jock Soto". They all seemed good candidates. Of course, I don't know dance or dancers the way a professional critic or dancer would, but still. I'd name names, but there is a part of me that says I'm biased because I know many of them personally.

The dances were also interesting. Benjamin Millepied (and isn't that a great name for a choreographer?!) and Christopher D'Amboise (son of Jacques, brother of Charlotte) created new works for this Workshop. One piece was danced by technically better dancers than the other, but the choreography for the other was better (again, can't name names). The final piece was a Balanchine crowd pleaser, "Western Symphony". It'll be interesting to read the professional opinion, to see how good I am at critiquing these things.

If you're ever in NYC in late May/early June, Workshop is not-to-be missed. I've seen Ashley Bowder and Carla Korbes do star turns that led them straight to the company, I've seen Christopher Weeldon's newest choreography, and I've seen the future of ballet in America.

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