Uh oh

Because of the Big Life Change, I am determined to really tackle Mt. Bookpile and take off more than I add. Sadly, it looks as though life is conspiring against me: this e-mail announcement reached me today
Felony & Mayhem Press [is] dedicated to re-issuing some of the best in mystery and espionage fiction. In our first few seasons, we're bringing out books by authors including Reginald Hill, Caroline Graham, Robert Barnard, Edmund Crispin, Nicolas Freeling, Julian Symons, Lynn Hightower, Stuart Kaminsky...and lots more.
All I can hope for is that I already have what's being released in The Collection, because I don't collect versions!

For more on Felony & Mayhem Press, check out Murder By the Book's newsletter.

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Karmon said...

It is a sign from the book gods that your ambition is unwise. Accept that Mt. Bookpile is destin to tower.