Testicular fortitude

By now most of us have read the news that GM is laying off workers. One might wonder how the company plans to save money in other areas than mere "comp & benes". The answer? They aren't.

For the past two days, as I've walked to and from work, there have been a fleet of limos and town cars parked in front of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Also in front of the hotel are people carrying those placards that announce that they're waiting for certain VIPs. In this case, each placard reads "GM", with a tidy GM logo (in case you didn't know what GM was). In addition to the limos and town cars, today there were eight (8) Cadillac Escalades waiting, all properly tagged with the drivee's name. Some of those names appear on GM's Senior Leaders list. Oh - one occupant per car. Mustn't share!

What message does this send to all the soon-to-be laid-off workers? "Let'em eat bagels."

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