Size matters!

When I was looking for a great apartment to move into with my roomie, one of the things that attracted us to this neighbourhood was the local movie theater. On one of our first trips into the area, we saw The Fugitive.

Since then, we've made a point of going there, rather than to the larger Lowe's down the street. It's not that we're snobs, but there's something so cold about the stadium seating, the thousands-jammed0in ambiance that bothers us. Of course, if there's a "must see" and it's not at Cobble Hill, we'll go see it at The Other Place. But, much like the Angelika, we prefer the small, "cozy" theater right near us. When I'm visiting friends upstate, I like to go to Upstate Films. The size is right.

Next week I move and I lose "our" theater. The Palisades Mall has (among many other amusements) a Lowes with an IMAX screen. I don't know if my town has a small theater, but I doubt it. Lowes seems to eat up everything in its path.

A friend of mine gave me a subscription to Netflix. I've started creating my queue (look at the "watching" list in my sidebar for updates). Still, I have to be careful. Not every movie will render properly on my 19" tv... some need the space of the Big Screen to be fully appreciated. On the other hand, some work much better on the small screen. Again, the size matters.

In our rush to create an America where every place looks like every place else, size and scope seem to be lost.

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