Phrases I'd be happy to never hear again

  • "To be honest" and variants (Sherri has a great riff on this)
  • "In my humble opinion" (yeah, we get it - you're not so humble)
  • "We haven't always agreed, but I really respect you" (uh huh)
  • "I really want to know what you think" (why? so you can ignore it?)
  • "There are no small parts, only small actors"

What are your pet verbal peeves?


Anonymous said...

The misuse of But. "I'm not a racist, but ..."

Murphy Jacobs said...

MY annoyances are not so much phrases as noises. "Uh" used like a dash between every three words sends me over the edge. Nervous laughter makes my jaw ache.

I also despise the constant use of the word "Sorry" to mean "Gee, I wish you haven't noticed/seen/heard that but it's your own fault for being upset/hurt by it, and I'll do it again as soon as you go away, or even if you don't."

Words, oftentimes, are just code.

Lazygal said...

I should have also added the use of "impact" as a verb, any variant of "empowered", and "self-actualized"