On dial-up

Because I'm cheap, and because the Supremes just ruled the cable companies don't have to allow other companies to use their lines for internet access (which stifles competition and raises prices), I refuse to pay for high-speed access here at home. Usually it's not a problem: I have a T1 at work, and during most of my vacations I've spent time with a friend who has a cable modem. Also, there was someone in my old neighborhood that had an unprotected wifi connection I could hop onto.

Now, though, I'm in the country and there's no wifi. I'm here, with my 56K modem (which right now is at 48K, I think) and I'm doing some surfing and e-mail. It's not bad, really. It's just a problem when I want to download something, like an update to my firewall. The other good thing is that I get to play with Spider Solitaire.

Of course, the problem is that I'll play Solitaire and not get anything else done...


Aravis said...

At 48k, you're lucky. It's usually 41.2- 45k for me. They don't offer DSL on my street, and cable is, as you say, expensive. It's aggravating as more and more video news feeds, etc. are made available online. I can't watch them at this speed. :0P

Welcome to the country! *G*

Sherri said...

technically, we are "rural suburbia". meaning what was once a cluster of small agricultural towns are now one mass of housing subdivisions, strip malls, and mega-Walmarts.

We have a cable modem because our phones and other access are controlled by Sprint, and after 10 years of dealing with those asses, we cut all ties. We don't even have a landline anymore (although we may have to aquiese on that one soon). Cable, it turned out for us, was the cheapest option (although we use satelite for TV. Go figure)

Lazygal said...

Sherri, after 9/11 and the blackout of two years ago, I will never give up my land line! As for the rest, I just wish that we had honest competition for this stuff the way we do cell phones. Or cars. Sigh.

I just posted on my favourite book website and because of the system hanging, it "sent" four times! Now I look like an idiot. I hate that part.

Karmon said...

I have dialup at home and a fast connection at work. I download a lot of system updates at work and take them home on a flash drive or even on a CD. I also test the sites I design through my modem. If I have to wait too long for the download, we need to make changes.

Our wireless tower in town is full, so unless they build a new tower or someone moves, I'm sticking with dialup. I could go with traditional DSL, but I'd have to keep my land line which increases the price.

Since I live in the rural midwest, the chances of a black out are almost non-existant. A tornado is the biggest threat and it can knock out phone lines as well as wireless towers. Region makes a surprising difference in needs.

bri said...


You have MUCH more patience than I.

Of course, the country scares the hell out of me anyway... all those bugs and nature... so I guess I'm not really the one to ask.