During my ride home, the train stopped at a station and waited. And waited. About five minutes into the wait, "they" finally permitted the conductor to announce that we were waiting. The next announcement mentioned that we were being held because there was a train behind us with "mechanical difficulties" and that we might be able to provide assistance.

After my surprise at the length and precision of the announcement, I started to realise it was incomprehensible. A train ahead of us - sure, we could pick up the off-loaded passengers. A train pulling onto a track along side us - still with you. But a train behind us? What possible assistance could we provide (beyond serving as a target when the brakes fail as it careens into the station)? Hello?????

There was one further announcement, and then we were told that we'd be moving in two minutes. Exactly 45seconds later, the doors closed and we were on our way.

Gotta love the MTA. Or not.

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