I'd like to know who constitutes the "everybody" that's talking about the "new hit show 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'". I'm not talking about it - I'm not even watching it. Ok, I'll be honest: I didn't even know it existed! Sadly, because of this post I guess I become one of the "everyone" rather than... well... me.


Sherri said...

I tend to translate the word "everybody" depending on my situation. When I was 14, "everybody" were the imaginary other kids I thought were cooler and having more fun than I was because my mom had said "no" to something. At 20, "everybody" were the imaginary crowds who were secretly laughing at me and wondering what I thought I was doing/wearing/saying. At 35, "everybody" had babies, college deegrees, good jobs and better lives than did.

Now? "Everybody" is people who watch really lousy TV shows that various sources of dubious veracity and credibility try to convince me are watched by people who are cooler and having more fun than I am. I never meet any of those people, though. I now believe they do not exist. If they did, watching those shows would not be part of their lives.

Happily, I still don't know what show you're talking about, because I suspect you are really one of the happily uncool, not-14 people around.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, two things:

1. I wish your comments worked on your blog (I've posted twice but they disappear!)

2. I've always wanted to be a Nielson family because then there'd be one more voice in favor of the great shows and one less for the idiot tube shows.

You're right about the 35+ "everybody". I'm heading for my 25th HS reunion next week - luckily, we were a class largely made up of "nobodies" so the "everybody" crowd won't be there. But at 40+ I feel strange buying my first car! Didn't "everybody" get theirs at 16?