Fit or Fat?

The recent revelation of Deep Throat's identity got me thinking about Alice's post on Information *Fluency* and The Shifted Librarian's post on Information Obesity.

When I went home last night, I watched the news. Not one of the 24-hour channels, but the 30-minute nightly news from one of the Big Three networks (I know, I know, it's Big Four now, but Fox doesn't have a newscast). When I was younger, they were "it" if you wanted news. Information Literacy means knowing that there are more options out there, that I could use my remote to find other opinions and comments about this.

Information Fluency means knowing what best fits my needs. I didn't need (or want) endless repetition of clips from the movie. I didn't want to hear G. Gordon or Ben Bradlee or anyone talking about whether DT was a man of conscience or a sneak. It means knowing that I could choose to watch NBC or MSNBC or C-SPAN or just wait to get the NYTimes or go on-line to the Washington Post. Being fluent means making the intelligent choice for me.

Information Obesity, on the other hand, is the couch potato who sits there flipping between all the channels and who obsessively checks blogs and MSM sites for hours so that they can get/hear it all. Does it really sink in? Does it really matter? Can you even process that much information in that short an amount of time?

I'm not advocating a return to the Good Old Days when you had to cross the room and turn a dial to change channels, but in this day of 500+ channels on DTV a little fitness goes a long way.


Aravis said...

Fox News comes on at 10pm, not that I watch it or your really needed to know. *G*

Lazygal said...

Ah... but that's the local news, as opposed to "World News Tonight".