Do I need to change?

Aravis writes about being asked why she was wearing black. I remembered being in grad school and a friend (from Ohio) asked why I always wore black. The answer? I live in New York.

This has me thinking. My NPOW is close enough to The City that people shouldn't be confused by the blackness of my wardrobe. And I'm not comfortable wearing bright, pastel colors (skin tones alone preclude that!). Does this mean I'm condemned to a life in the New York City Sphere of Influence? Or does it mean I need to change?

Trivial, perhaps, but when impressions are important...


Sherri said...

Jewel tones, dear lady. They pair with black instantly and, if pastel aren't your thing, they are the only way to go. Even from New York folk I've heard complaints about the omnipresent black, including some fairly cutting remarks. A couple of shells in a strong red or royal blue or even deep purple, and you're set.

And eventually you won't need the urban camouflage. :>

Aravis said...

Sherri said exactly what I was going to. There are more colors out there than simply pastels. I also like burgundy and emerald or hunter green, using white or cream to lighten things up once in a while.

Ultimately though, just be you and you'll be fine. :0)

Alice in Infoland said...

Use the black as your canvas for interesting/unique/colorful accessories as you re-define your visual identity. I have a wide assortment of funky pins and earrings I'd be happy to pass on to you!