Bad Baggage

Sherri has a very poignant post about Getting over it ("it" being all the negative stuff that we all manage to carry around with us).

I, too, have been thinking a lot about this because of the Big Life Change that happens -- gulp! -- this month. While I recognize that this isn't all that rare, that people often change jobs and cities and all that on a regular basis (one friend is leaving her job in Jakarta, changing careers and continents in one fell swoop), for me it is. It's becoming more and more obvious that I'm a nester, that moving and change are difficult for me.

Yet, in an attempt to go against my natural inclinations, I'm trying to view this a "a good thing", as an opportunity to not just pack things and bring it all with me, but to choose what to bring in a judicious manner. The psychic baggage is every bit as much a part of that as the physical items.

Watch out world: it's a whole new me!


Aravis said...

It's never easy sorting through the physical or emotional baggage we've accumulated over time. It's worthwhile, though. Best wishes and good luck with it!

Alice in Infoland said...

I know someone who has successfully survived several BLCs in the past decade. One of her strategies is to get rid of any baggage-connected clothing ASAP, because she doesn't ever want to wear those memories again. She also insists on wearing brand-new underwear for the first week of any (planned) BLC -- as in 'start fresh, from the skin out.'

Lazygal said...

So, Alice, you buyin'? All my clothes are "baggage-connected"...

Alice in Infoland said...

Be reasonable!!
I'm talkin' major-baggage clothes; like the dress she wore to her 22-yr-old brother's funeral.
Even though the dress still fits, it will always remind her of that terrible day.