You can't always get what you want

But sometimes you do get what you need!

I've been in complete panic mode about the Big Life Change, which seems to get ever more complicated and problematic every time I turn around. Since Saturday I've been taking Xanax to get through the day and night without hyperventilating and, to be honest, I'm not sure it's working.

This morning was one of those mornings when it just seemed like the world was caving in on top of me. Then, it happened. Our music teacher came in and told me that there would be an 8th grade field trip and did I want to help chaperone? The last time she did this, I got to see an opera, so of course I said yes. Where were we going? Just up the street to Lincoln Center Plaza, to see the Rolling Stones.


We left the school and headed to the Plaza, along with NYU's graduates and a bunch of others. The stage was set up right in front of Julliard's entrance, with cameras and scaffolding obscuring much of the view. After a 50 minute wait, and several false starts, we heard lots of cheers, a roll of the drum and then... Start me up! blasted through the speaker towers. This was followed by some new song (the adults in the group agreed that after "Some Girls" the Stones could have stopped recording) and they ended with "Brown Sugar". Mick strutted, preened and made faces... Keith looked cool and very Johnny Depp-ish (who was parodying whom?)... Charlie's beat just steadied the music.

On our way back, some of the Asian students were still puzzled as to why we would skip class to see some old people play what they felt was derivative, repetitive music with unintelligible words. They've heard Mahler and Puccini, but not Jagger and Richards.

Lest you think we were neglecting our charge to educate today's youth, we came up with the following list of ways we met the NCLB standards:
  • demonstrating the cross-cultural/cross-gender appeal of music
  • listening to the meaning of the lyrics and how some could be perceived as poetry
  • showing the influence of African and black American rhythms on modern music
  • discussing the role of the Stones in the culture of the 1960s and the afteraffect of the Altamont concert
  • modeling the proper distance to be from noise (to avoid hearing problems) , how to lose weight by aerobic dance and how to shield one's self from the sun in an outdoor space
I have to say, though, that fun as this was (and I will miss this part of working/living in New York), I enjoyed seeing them at Shea in '89 more.


Aravis said...

All I can say is, I'm jealous! Glad you had a nice break though. :0)

Murphy Jacobs said...

no, not jealous. I'm KINDA with the Asian students here. Mick Jagger started to creep me out about 7 years ago, and Keith Richards is a lich...(no, not letch, LICH).

But then again, I suppose I should be heartened by the idea that as I ever more rapidly gain my senior years, I have such examples before me...maybe not.

Lazygal said...

Yeah, Mick's a bit creepy. I remember when Bill Wyman retired from the Stones and one commentator said that it was odd that rock'n'roll had a pension plan. It should be "Hope I die before I get old" not "Hope I die before Social Security and Medicare run out of money" ; )

Murphy Jacobs said...

Holy moly...I wonder if he at a 401k...

Can Jagger retire? I mean, if he retired yet still was in the public eye, would people start saying "Yeah, he used to be Mick Jagger." ? and would THAT not be sort of bizarre?

Rock musicians should retire. Only bluesmen go til they die. I actually heard a story on NPR in the last month about the retirement problems of old jazzmen (mostly people of color who got crappy recording deals in the 40's and 50's). And I saw Bo Diddly in concert with Bobby McFerrin a few years ago....creeeeeepy. He didn't know when the show was over...

Lazygal said...

Sherri, no, rock musicians should not retire. They should 1. go nuts from too much drug use, 2. die early from living that rock'n'roll lifestyle, 3. quit the band in a huff and become obscure "whatever happened tos", 4. retire early after blazing a bright path across the firmament.

The Stones are in danger of needing hip replacements and pacemakers. Totally not rock'n'roll!

Murphy Jacobs said...

OK, you can be scared now. That comment just made me fall in love with you.

Well, for a couple of minutes anyway.

Anonymous said...

Forget Mick....it's Keith, Charlie and Ron that make the band. Nice way to spend the aftrenoon I have to say.
Good stuff is good stuff no matter who makes it whether they're 20 or 60 years old.

Briar said...

Oh, I do love NYC schools....