Why not?

Alice writes If only.... based on dissatisfaction with the recent SLJ Summit. The person running the Virtual Summit Blog is not a librarian, which shouldn't be an impediment, but is only because she doesn't seem to get it. What "it"? The "it" that spells out who we are and what we do, and how. It's like we - school librarians and school libraries - are a foreign concept to her and she's trying to educate us about ourselves.

It would be great if Alice's dream came true. The question is, who could coordinate such a meeting? Bill Gates and George Lucas claim to be involved with education, but it seems that they want to determine the course, not let the people in the trenches do it. I guess visionaries don't care what practitioners know.

If you know anyone that could help - drop them a note and point them to her post. Couldn't hurt!


Mrs.Bowllan said...

Once you read the SLJ Virtual Summit blog I believe you will see that the goal is not for me to "educate librarians about librarians." That would be impossible to do. I (we) are trying to establish a portal for librarians, educators and adminsitrators to continue to share their ideas, hopes and aspirations about the 21st century learners.

-Amy Bowllan
VS Blogger

Lazygal said...

I've read the blog. It's badly written and poorly conceived.

Alice in Infoland said...

Here's part of the problem: the SLJ Blog wants to be "An information commons and home for out-of-the-box discourse..."
But a blog -- by its very nature -- is NOT an information commons, which would be a place where ALL participants have equal say. A blog is a bully-pulpit for whoever is in charge of posting entries. Others may comment, but that does not give them an equal voice.
If you want equal and open discourse for all interested parties, then a discussion forum or even wiki should be the format of choice.

Karen Schneider's http://freerangelibrarian.org and Liz Lawley's http://mamamusings.net are two exemplary blogs that demonstrate use of this particular format as an 'outboard brain.' But even the comments on those 2 blogs are clearly directed at the blog-owner, not the general public.