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Today's featured blog comments come from Morgan, at Exploded Library. In the first post, she is trying to understand the blogging backlash, based on the recent comments by Cronin and Gorman (two library world biggies). The issue seems to be about how people blog, and the content, rather than the fact of blogs (which, unfortunately, Cronin and Gorman confuse with the real issues). Blogs are toys, and in a few years people will move on to the next, better toy. For some, yes, they are personal diaries writ large - filled with personal thoughts, feelings, day-to-day ephemera, etc. For others, it's a place to publicly voice opinion and commentary on the events of the day (or their particular world). For still others, it's the opportunity to be The Person Who Knows (the so-called "A List bloggers") in a way that, pre-blogs, they couldn't be. Morgan says
In the blogosphere as I understand it, people generally do not defer to anyone, irrespective of their academic or political accomplishments. In my idealized view of the blogosphere, it doesnÂ’t matter who you are, only what you say.
I agree.

Her second post deals with the tricky issue of blogrolls, those lists appearing next to the comments.
I prefer shorter and selective blogrolls. I subscribe to way more blogs than this, but don't think there's much value in posting a fairly meaningless longer list. Because I prefer shorter lists, it is a given that many quality blogs won't be included. I make no claims that the blogs on my blogroll are the best, just that they're worth looking at if you haven't seen them already.
Once again, I agree. I sometimes add blogs to the list appearing here at Killin' Time Being Lazy, but usually the selection stays the same. I have many more blogs that I follow using Bloglines, and I'm happy to share that list with people that ask for it. I don't expect you to enjoy or follow the same things I do, and vice-versa. We are all (I presume) adults. Adults shouldn't get hung up on the petty stuff like "you like her blog more than mine". 'Nuff said.


Murphy Jacobs said...

The purpose of a blogroll has been a discussion topic in the last few weeks on several weblogs (mine included), as well as the purpose of a weblog itself. We are a self-contemplative lot, aren't we? :>

I don't intend an insult since I don't know how far your "internet historical" knowledge goes. The personal journal/opinion website predates "blogs" by a few years (practically eons in internet time). The rise of instant publishing just made it more widely available by lowering the cost (to Free in many cases) and reducing the need for software knowledge. There are still some "non blogger" style websites around. That was once the standard and there were a considerable number, probably thousands. Now that "blogs" (Ii hate that word) have proliferated so widely, they attract much more attention, becoming a "phenomenon".

The purpose of a blogroll is, for me, completely subject to the whims of the person who hosts it. I've written frequently about how I create my own list, but I'm perfectly comfortable with those who use them as a means of exchange (the currency being popularity) or who just link everyone they come across, mostly because, my own weblog having a very small readership, it doesn't affect me (there are those who have strong opinions to the contrary and have written about it eloquently. If you are interested, I can point some links out for you, or you can dig through this month's archives for them.)

I'm interested in thoughts about this medium, so I appreciate hearing about it from yet another sector. Thanks for the post :>

Lazygal said...

Sherri, I know about the start of the blogs and "online journals" as well as the continued commentary on why/how/who to link to. It just seems silly to get all hung up on it. I know that this blog appears on two "important" blogrolls, and on several others (like yours, and I don't mean an insult when I don't include yours in the "important" category).

It's a personal thrill to know that people whose opinions I follow think highly enough of mine to link here, but I'd still be writing/commenting even without it. I'm also not seeking a high Technorati rating, because I think that people that do are also either the type of people that ran for Student Council while claiming it wasn't really a popularity contest or the type that resented the popular crowd and this is their way of getting "revenge".

I just thought Morgan's comments were on the nose, and because of a recent link to my site it seemed a good time to explain my policy.

Back to the work day. Sigh.

Murphy Jacobs said...

Hehheh. Never assume the knowledge level of your intended audience -- that's what I learned waaaay back long ago when I wrote essays for a grade rather than just to irritate strangers.

You MADE ME DO RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT (ok, not "made", but still...)I'll leave it to you and the strength of your stomach to see what I've done.

Oh, and absolutely no insult taken. My weblog is NOT "important", a fact I use whenever someone gets their panties in a twist over something I've posted. Neither I nor my opinions are situated to make a huge impact on the world and that's fine with me.

Aravis said...

This has been an interesting discussion, and the points of view expressed here largely agree with my own.

My blogroll has remained fairly close to the same size for a long time now. I have been known to remove some links when, over time, I no longer cared for a blog. At that point I may or may not replace it with another link. I do have several more blogs I read on a daily basis via Bloglines, or because I have bookmarked them when I came across them.

I have not yet been able to shake a certain feeling of guilt though when people link to me and I don't feel I can link back. So far however, that has rarely happened.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, I dared look but... when I tried to comment, I wasn't allowed :(

Aravis, don't feel guilty. There are so many other things to worry about - reciprocity on a blogroll shouldn't be one of them!