Let's say you're looking for a job and you (not a headhunter) send your resume in to a company. On your resume, you list your prior job experience - including a stint at the company you've just sent the resume to.

Now, knowing that the people that will be sorting/evaluating your resume/experience, don't you think it'd be a good idea that you can talk about your prior experience at that company? Like, for example, giving a name of someone you'd worked with and details about the projects on which you worked?

A friend just told me about an applicant that claimed to work at Company X, but when questioned could not recall a name or a detail. Worse yet, this person claimed to work in the NYC office when the department for whom they worked is/was/always will be based in NJ. And then this person got indignant when the hiring people checked with personnel about dates and salary (oddly enough, none of that information existed for this person, which was obviously a computer glitch!).

A true story to enliven your back-to-work Monday.


Murphy Jacobs said...

A story told in a lecture this morning on creative nonfiction reported a young student putting in his final exam paper "It's all fiction anyway!"

I'm given to understand his professor was unimpressed. Perhaps it is the same person?

Anonymous said...

I've had eight students work for me during the past five years. During that time, I've only had two inquiries from a potential employers. Most have been on interviews and gotten jobs. For several, I was their only significant work experience. You'd be surprised how many people do NOT check references.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, maybe it was. Kar, it wasn't so much that he was lying about his experience, it's that he was applying to a company he claimed to work for only a few years earlier!

I've fudged on my resume, but nothing like that.