Isn't it odd how sometimes the tiniest thing can immobilise you? The past few weeks I've been passive-aggressive about my upcoming Big Life Change: aggressively putting things on the To Do list, passively letting them sit there.

Today I was filled with energy and oomph and was going to make a dent in the End of Year work that needs to be done. Then I got a phone call about my new car from the dealer upstate (they want it off the lot asap) and - whoosh! - all that energy just vanished. I did some work, but no where nearly enough, and I'm now further behind than I was yesterday.

I did have a nice guy from the insurance company explain things to me, though. He recognized that, despite my age, I am a complete newbie to the whole car thing (I've been driving for 26 years, just never owned, which is sooooo different from renting and borrowing from friends!). It was the first time someone - including my family and friends - took the time to talk to me without assuming I knew what was going on. Very refreshing.

Now, fingers crossed that I have energy tomorrow for blogging and real-work related things!

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Aravis said...

I understand the feeling. Good luck with everything!