For the benefit of Mr. Schwartz

Today is the wrong day to be exhausted: I have to go to MNPOW today, and I was up waaaaay past my bedtime last night. "Why such bad timing?", I hear you ask.

Because last night I attended a benefit for MCPOW. While I couldn't afford the $500/plate dinner, I was allowed to sneak in for the show. And what a show it was: songs from Stephen Schwartz's career performed by people you'll want to keep an eye out for because they're going places (I only wish I could highlight all of the performers for you!).

While I'm not enamoured of all Mr. Schwartz's work, this overview highlighted the best parts. And who knew that "It's All For the Best" really works as a piano/violin duet? I didn't, but I do now! One of the highlights was hearing "For Good" performed by the composer himself. I've heard too many belted versions, too many Mariah Carey-esque versions, to like the song, but he sang it almost plaintively (like Judy Garland doing "Over the Rainbow" at Carnegie Hall) and it worked.

Since it was a one-off performance, all I can recommend is keeping your eyes and ears open for these really talented youngsters. They'll be entertaining us for years to come, I promise.

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